We didn't reinvent digital marketing for dealerships, just winning with it...

Shift your dealer's lead generation into overdrive with our innovative approach and put your sales in turbo-mode.

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Making it Rain 💸

More leads, More Calls, More Visits, More Sales

While many digital  agencies may promise you the world, they often end up delivering cookie-cutter solutions that barely scratch the surface of your dealership's potential.

We don't blame them, they couldn't make it work for themselves otherwise. On the flip side, we find where the weak spots are and drive a freaking train through them. Your competition won't know what hit them.

Let's Get'em
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ai & human powered innovation

Human Intelligence & AI Assistance

You think AI is a fancy new trend? Think again! We've been leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in our marketing strategies way before it was considered cool. While others were playing catch-up, we were already revolutionizing the game with AI-driven insights, cutting-edge tools, and kickass automation. The best part? We have the talent behind it that know how to leverage it to your advantage. AI by itself is a dud but, in the hands of a DGH consultant, it can move serious metal.

Beam me up

No % of Spend

We believe in transparency, honesty, and being upfront with our dealer partners. Charging a percentage of spend creates misaligned incentives, where agencies might be tempted to push for more ad spend, even when it's not in the best interest of your dealership. We make plenty where it counts so we don't need to be nickel and diming you with your campaigns.

Percentage of spend
Analyze Dealer Data Analysis


Subscribe to a plan and schedule your discovery session. We'll audit your current environment, campaigns and competition.

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Work with our team to execute your victory plan aligned with your sales objectives.

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Implement, test & refine what works until you are dominating your market.

Teaching an old industry new tricks...

Legacy Digital Marketing Agencies are Out The Door. Growth Hacking Has Arrived. Dealer Growth Hackers replaces unreliable & expensive legacy agencies propped up by manufacturers with a smart membership model featuring a flat monthly fee with truly personalized service delivering winning results so fast that it will blow your mind.

What the heck is a Growth Hacker?

A growth hacker is a professional primarily focused on driving business growth using creative digital strategies. We are data-driven, employing metrics to guide our experiments and optimization strategies. We have a broad and deep range of skills in digital marketing, coding, e-commerce, conversion rate optimization and technical SEO just to name a few.

Our approach is iterative, constantly testing and refining methods based on results, and we often collaborate closely with product teams to integrate growth-oriented features. In essence, growth hacking is about leveraging innovative techniques to efficiently grow your dealership in the digital age.

Who does your current
OEM-Subsidized Agency work for?

We might feel silly asking this, but the truth is that the GM Digital Solution approved agencies don't work just for your car dealership; they actually work for GM. This means they plan their advertising campaigns in a way that helps GM the most, and your dealership comes a distant second. Don't think so? It's easy to prove. Let's have a conversation, and we'll show you how choosing an agency that is completely dedicated to helping your dealership succeed can really boost your sales.

Our Wheelhouse 💻

It's not just what we do for your dealership, it's how we do it better

Fractional CMO Services for Dealerships

We Become Your Fractional CMO

Command central of your digital strategy, orchestrating every aspect of your dealership's growth. This service is pivotal, offering high-level strategic oversight that integrates and aligns all other services towards your ultimate business goals.

Data Analysis For Car Dealerships

We Actually Like Data Analysis

The backbone of strategic decision-making, turning raw numbers into gold mines of insights. This service is crucial as it informs and shapes every other aspect of your digital strategy, ensuring data-driven precision in every move.

Dealer Digital Marketing Strategy

We Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The blueprint for digital domination, weaving together various marketing threads into a cohesive, winning strategy. This service sets the stage for how each component of your marketing mix plays a role in the bigger picture.

Dealer Competitive Analysis

We Have Competitive Analysis For Breakfast

Offering a strategic edge by dissecting competitors' tactics and uncovering market opportunities. This service integrates insights into your broader strategy, keeping you ahead in the game.

PPC Management

Digital Campaign Management Like You've Never Seen

Our team of absolute geek badasses don't mess around when it comes to pay-per-click campaigns. You want sky-high ROI? You got it! We dominate Google Ads and social media advertising like it's nobody's business. Count on us to put your ads right in front of your target audience's faces, right when it matters most. No more playing games – it's time to crush your competition and rake in the results! 🚀💪

Technical SEO

We Actually Love Technical SEO

Listen up, because we're about to take your dealership's website and send it rocketing upward to the top of search engine rankings. None of that recycled content BS that Manufacturer's "Approved" agencies are peddling. We're masters of technical SEO, so we'll dive into the guts of your site, optimizing its structure, speed, and security with the content that's already there like a freakin' ninja. You want more organic traffic and leads? You got it!


We Breathe Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services are here to supercharge the way your website turns mere visitors into die-hard customers. We're not just talking about a few minor tweaks – we're going all out to level up your site's user experience. We'll hunt down those pesky weak spots, whip out our data-driven strategies, and kick your conversion rates into overdrive. You better believe we won't stop until your website is a well-oiled, lead-generating machine that leaves the competition in the dust! 💥🔥

E=mail marketing

Add A Little Behavioral Science

We laugh at conventional and ineffective approaches and instead harness the power of Behavioral Science to revolutionize your dealership's success. Brace yourself for a relentless pursuit of increased effectiveness and a defiant triumph over the competition. We are the disruptors, the masters of Behavioral Marketing, and we won't settle for anything less than victory over your competition ✌️

We manage the digital strategy, campaigns & presence for a Top 10  GMC dealer in the US for 2024 and  2 of the top 5 Buick GMC dealers in the South East Region for 2023

Our clients think we don't suck.

Our clients? They're ecstatic with what we deliver, but don't expect them to blab about it. They're not giving away their secret weapon to rivals. They keep it hush-hush, protecting their advantage like it's gold. Plus, we offer territory protection, so their edge is secure. Our achievements are clear as day, but our clients won't shout about it. They're too occupied selling more cars, and it's in big part due to working with us. 😉💪

“Top performers in one of the most competitive markets in the country”

Dealer Growth Hackers has been an absolute game changer for our dealership. Their cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and comprehensive approach to growth have significantly boosted our sales and customer engagement.

John C.
Dealer Principal

We've seen a significant increase in website traffic, quality leads, conversions - you name it.

What really sets DGH apart from the rest is their obsession with results. They dive deep into data, uncover hidden strategies, and pay attention to every little detail. And let me tell you, their strategies really do work! Our website traffic, leads, and overall online presence have skyrocketed. Not only in numbers, but also QUALITY!"

Taylor C.
General Manager

“I've exceeded my sales targets”

"Thanks to Dealer Growth Hackers, I've exceeded my sales targets every month we've worked with them. They're game-changers."

Jose R.
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About DGH

At Dealer Growth Hackers, we're not just another digital marketing agency. Oh no, we're a pack of fearless geeks and renegades on a mission to shatter the status quo and bring you unrivaled online success. We know the automotive business inside out, we don't do cookie-cutter campaigns, and we sure as heck don't mess around.

Instead... we embrace innovation, creativity, and data-driven strategies to send your dealership soaring to the top of the digital world. So buckle up, because with us by your side, you're in for one heck of a marketing ride that leaves your competition in the rearview mirror! 🚀🔥

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of  services does Dealer Growth Hackers offer?

We become your fractional digital CMO, Manage your campaigns, optimize your site, refine your lead generation process and much more. We're not here to babysit – we're here to get you results!

Are you guys just another digital marketing agency?

Heck no! We're a fearless band of renegades on a mission to crush mediocrity and bring you unrivaled online success. We're the black sheep of the dealer digital marketing world, and proud of it!

Is there a limit to how many campaigns I can have?

Once you are a member, we'll run as may campaigns as your budget allows. The quantity of campaigns is not as important as their quality and their proper targeting. It's a process, but, we'll be there with you the whole way.

Do you specialize in any particular industry?

We dominate the automotive dealership industry, helping dealerships crush their competition and leave them eating our dust.

What if I need help with my social media accounts?

We're not your social media nannies. We're here to deliver game-changing campaigns and drive results, not hold your hand on Instagram, Facebook or that other Chinese Social Media App.

Are your strategies only for large dealerships?

Size doesn't intimidate us. We eat the big guys for lunch. We're here to revolutionize dealerships of all sizes, unlocking their true potential and igniting their rise to industry dominance. We work with top dealerships in the nation and they are blown away with the results we've been able to achieve in a very short period of time.

How do you ensure there's no conflict of interest with other dealerships?

Your success is our top priority. We maintain strict exclusivity policies to prevent any conflict of interest, so you can rest assured that we're fully invested in your dealership's growth alone.

Are there any refunds if I don't like how you guys work?

Luckily, we haven't had that problem yet. The good news is that there is only a monthly commitment which should tell you that we have to earn our keep every month but, if you are not happy, we understand. Due to the intensity and high quality of the work and amount of time it takes once a commitment has been started, we can't issue a refund. You can cancel at any time. If you want to go back to mediocrity, we can't stop ya.

Do you charge a percentage of ad spend?

No way! We believe in transparent pricing that's tied to the value we deliver, not the size of your ad budget. We don't want you questioning our motives when it comes to recommendations to increase your budget based on real market factors.

How do you handle SEO?

Our SEO services include optimizing your site to ensure optimal search engine performance and user experience. Not to be annoying but they are pretty "technical" and different for each situation. We thrive on making small changes that produce the most impact. No, we can't make your manufacturer-funded web provider that serves everyone and their mother perfect. It's not possible but we can surely make it perform better than your competitors.

How do you optimize PPC campaigns?

Want us to give you our secret sauce in the FAQs? Nice try! We create and manage high-performing pay-per-click campaigns that deliver maximum ROI, specializing in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising with a few other tricks up our sleave.

Do you provide content marketing services?

We're not about fluffing up your blog with pointless content that nobody is going to read or care about. As a matter of fact, The average reader only spends 37 seconds reading a blog post today. Our focus is on driving results with hard-hitting campaigns that your competition won't see coming.

How do I communicate with you guys?

To request a meeting, you can just reach out and we'll schedule the first available time slot that works for both of us. As far as status reports, feedback, etc. we'll adjust to your preferences.

Do you work with our direct competitors simultaneously?

Fear not! We're committed to your dealership's success and will never compromise it by working with your direct competitors. We're your secret weapon, and we don't share our arsenal.

Can we trust you to keep our strategies and data confidential?

Trust is paramount to our partnership. We implement stringent data security protocols to protect your information and ensure your strategies remain your competitive edge. Your secret's safe with us.

How fast will we be up and running?

It really depends but on average, we an onboard a new client within 2 to 4 weeks.

Membership Levels

Choose from three tiers based on your vehicle sales, new & used. Embrace the DGH revolution and elevate your sales game with our no-nonsense memberships.

Work with us and OWN the competition!

All of our membership plans include:

Fractional CMOs
Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting
Lead Process Optimization Consulting
Competitive Analysis
Website Optimization
SEM Google Ads/ Social Campaign Management
Content Strategy
Listing Optimization
Advanced Diagnostics & Remediation
phantom pricing level



Pause or cancel at anytime

Get started

For dealers selling up to 200 cars a month. Flat Fee. No % of Spend.

2nd level pricing



Pause or cancel at anytime

Get started

For dealers selling up to 250 cars a month. Flat Fee. No% of Spend.

Work with us

Dare to be exceptional? Dealer Growth Hackers shatters the status quo, transforming your dealership into a revenue-generating juggernaut. Our time-tested strategies, innovative mindset, and relentless pursuit of excellence defy expectations, leaving competitors in the dust.

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